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Posted on: January 16, 2014


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Royal MEETING EMERG 2 copy

Welcome brothers and sisters to an emergency meeting of the Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel!

This meeting’s order of business: The official debut of The Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel Membership Kit and the announcement of my second Giveaway!



In this giveaway, there will be ten [10] winners of:

One [1] Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel Membership Kit

which includes:
[1] Serialized Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel Membership Card
[1] Personalized Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel Certificate of Membership
[1] Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel Magnet
[2] Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel Secret Decoder Disks
[1] Alchemy Font Cipher
[1] MASTER CIPHER For All Codes Used in the Royal Order AND Gravity Falls
[1] Welcome Letter from the High Exalted Big Fish
[1] Greasy’s Diner Placemat
[1] Lil’ Gideon Fun Time Activity Book Page
[1] Tape Up Tapestry
[1] Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel Motto Card
[1] Deed to the Mystery Shack
[1] Robbie V and the Tombstones Tour Poster
[1] Bill Cipher’s Maze
[1] Invisible Ink Pen (with attached UV light to reveal secret messages)
[1] Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel Secret Decoder Ring
[1] Secret Message that can only be decoded with the ROotHM Secret Decoder Ring
[1] Top Secret Envelope

This Giveaway is completely free to enter. All entrants are allowed only one [1] entry to Giveaway drawing per individual. Entrants are not obligated or required to subscribe to this YouTube channel, follow any social media page, or like and/or comment on any videos to be eligible to enter to win.

To be eligible to win this Giveaway, you (the entrant) must be at least 18 years of age or have the consent of a legal guardian to receive your prize (one [1] Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel Membership Kit).

Entrants are restricted to only residents of the continental United States of America. All others who reside outside of the USA will be disqualified for entry and their win will be voided.

To enter, all entrants must submit their full legal name and a personal email address connected to that name to the Official Google Form created for this Giveaway.

If selected as a winner, you will be contacted by me (Douglas MacKrell) within 24 hours. Winners are then responsible for responding to that notification with their full shipping address. All winners have thirty (30) days from my notification to respond with the necessary shipping information or their prize will be disqualified and their win will be voided!

All entrants are allowed one [1] entry for the Giveaway. If I feel for any reason that an entrant has submitted duplicate entries or cheated the system in any way, they will be disqualified and all suspected entries will be deleted from the randomized drawing system.

The deadline for entry is Midnight [12am] EST Saturday January 18th 2014.

The winner will be selected on Sunday January 19th 2014 through random drawing using the Raffle King online randomizer. The entire drawing will be recorded through screen capture and Webcam – and then uploaded to this channel for all to see. Afterwhich, official notification emails will be sent to the winners.

All information collected for this Giveaway will be confidently held by myself (Douglas MacKrell) for the term of the Giveaway. It will only be used once for notifying potential winners, and will be deleted and/or destroyed after the Giveaway has ended. All winners must be comfortable releasing their personal shipping address upon notification. This address will be used only once by myself (Douglas MacKrell) in order to send the winner their prize, and then deleted and/or destroyed.

Douglas MacKrell has the sole discretion to disqualify and/or void any entrant or winner for any reason at any time.

Douglas MacKrell is not responsible for any problems that may occur through the failure of the shipping process. Including, but not exclusive to, lost, stolen, or damaged prizes. All winners are responsible for any additional fees, costs, or taxes that may occur from the shipping process.

YouTube does not sponsor or endorse this Giveaway – nor is it liable for anything pertaining to it.



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