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Posted on: February 4, 2014

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Royal MEETING 15 copy

Welcome brothers and sisters to the Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel!

This meeting’s order of business: The Mystery of Mabel Pines!


Challenge 13

With Mabel’s Guide to Life debuting this week, I thought I would the opportunity to tackle breaking down one of my most member requested characters, Mabel Pines.

Mabel Pines is the one of the two (as far as we know) youngest Pines Family members. She’s goofy and silly – constantly trying to grab attention, but this is hampered by her charisma and cuteness. Mabel’s heart is as big as the moon, but that doesn’t mean she’s infallible! In fact, Mabel has been shown repeatedly in the first season as a liar and manipulator – stopping at nothing to get what she wants. Thankfully this is usually based around some seemingly good deed – much like when Mabel Pines tried to cure Grunkle Stan of his fear of heights. Her plan was over the top, and based on bald faced lies – but there’s a glimmer of something noble in her actions.

Mabel can be written off as being foolish or impulsive, but she’s actually quite clever. This is showcased in moments when she uses subterfuge and guile to misdirect her enemies from a sneak attack! Much like how she distracted Jeff the Gnome from her leaf blower attack and how she was able to get close enough to Gideon Gleeful to steal his mystical bolo tie!

But what do you think? Will Mabel Pines have learned from her past mistakes in season 2? Will she be able to keep Waddles after they return home from Gravity Falls? Does she have a secret doppelganger? Leave your theories and suggestions in the comments below!

Mabel Pines Grossed Out

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