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Posted on: February 26, 2014

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Royal MEETING 17 copy

Welcome brothers and sisters to this week’s meeting of the Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel!

This time I break down the mystery of Soos!


Challenge 15

In Gravity Falls, Soos is the chubby hamster-like handyman of the Mystery Shack. He’s prone to childish hyperbole and constantly wants to be a part of the action. He’s naively dedicated to his job, and as such Grunkle Stan always takes advantage of him. But whether or not Soos realizes this or not – he remains upbeat and energetic. Taking great pride in the Mystery Shack and all of it’s residents.

Soos has worked at the Mystery Shack since he was 12 years old, after he answered a vague ad in the local paper placed by Stan Pines. Soos was the Mystery Shack’s first employee – and as Grunkle Stan puts it – he’ll likely be his last.

Soos is also one of the few residents that notices the bizarre and paranormal things that happen in Gravity Falls. Because of this, he makes a good friend for Dipper and Mabel – as he never questions any of their claims. He also is always on hand to lend weaponry, muscle, and transportation to their misadventures.

Soos lives with his grandmother, but we have yet to learn anything about his direct biological parents. He seems to have had a traditional and well documented childhood – but one thing we know for certain… he spent a lot of his formative childhood in the Gravity Falls Arcade.

Several theories exist within the fan community about Soos, including the possibility of him being a Bigfoot – but one of the most pervasive rumors is that Soos may be from the future or slightly psychic. This comes from the multiple times when he seems to be in the right place at the right time, the several secret rooms found in the Mystery Shack, or the times Soos cryptically tells characters what’s about to happen to them.

But what do you think? Is Soos from the future or slightly psychic? What happened to Soos’s mother and father? Does he know EVERYTHING about the Mystery Shack? Leave your theories and suggestions in the comments below!


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