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Royal MEETING 18 copy

Welcome brothers and sisters to the Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel!

In this meeting I break down the Mystery of Pacifica Northwest!


Challenge 16

So far, the Northwests are some of the most mysterious of the secondary characters in Gravity Falls’ supporting cast. Their history stretches back to the very origins of the town, and they seem to not only be rich – but well respected within Gravity Falls.

The known Northwest family lineage begins with Nathaniel Northwest, village idiot, waste shoveler, and the most hated man in Gravity Falls. He was completely insane, and mostly spoke in grunts and screams and continually threatened to eat an entire oak tree because he was a powerful wizard. He eventually died choking on a piece of bark trying to do just that.

But in an amazing stroke of luck, Quentin Trembley, disgraced former president and the founder of Gravity Falls was presumed dead in a Peanut Brittle experiment – and had to be covered up by the U.S. Government. In their haste, they selected Nathaniel as their proxy mayor/founder and history was rewritten. Nathaniel Northwest became better known as a noble and courageous man and his family suddenly became the stakeholders in the land Gravity Falls was built on.

Over the generations, the Northwests possibly built up Gravity Falls into the town it is today – or perhaps they were bought out with a vast fortune by a mysterious entity we’ve yet to encounter in the show! Either way, the Northwests are respected in Gravity Falls. So much so, that an entire event has been arranged to annually celebrate the Northwests and the prosperity of Gravity Falls – Pioneer Day!

Pacifica Northwest is the most current generation of the Northwest family. Clearly an only child and accustomed to bottomless wealth – she is used to always getting what she wants. She’s also someone who has never been challenged before in her whole life – until Mabel and Dipper Pines came to town.

As a trendsetter, Pacifica Northwest is the most socially powerful person within Dipper and Mabel’s peer group. She’s created an unspoken hierarchy of popularity, and one of the main reasons she hates Mabel so much, is that she bucks that system. Mabel doesn’t care about her societal standing, and so her lovable antics are seen as a threat to Pacifica’s orderly queendom. A threat that she has no weapons to fight against!

But what do you think? Will Pacifica Northwest seek vengeance on Mabel and the Pines family? Will Pacifica Northwest team up with any of the other mysterious enemies of the Pines? How did the Northwests get their money in the first place, and how much of a hand did they have in the creation of Gravity Falls as we know it today? Leave your theories and suggestions in the comments below!

The Northwests

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