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Posted on: March 21, 2014

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Membership Roster Update copy


Still working on cleaning things up and making the Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel ship shape.

I’ve also started the process of reaching out to a few core members to help me keep future meetings and challenges glitch and error free. I’d like to be able to focus on the future instead of the past, and present my members with the best show possible. Taking the pressure quality control off my shoulders will not only save me some stress – but also mean that updates and spot repairs are made faster and more seamlessly.

With any luck, I should be able to publicly share an update for The Pharaoh’s Guard shortly!

But more importantly, this post is to celebrate the rank advancements for those who have completed challenges since my last update!

So, congratulations to anabelennj, Ned, and David Bühring (all of whom are new members) who have received their own copy of the Deed to the Mystery Shack.

Congratulations to anabelennj and David Bühring for getting their copy of Robbie V and the Tombstone’s Tour Poster. (Robbie would appreciate it if you post those up all over town)

Congratulations to anabelennj, TheWendyGeek, David Bühring, and Max who have risked madness and downloaded Bill Cipher’s Maze (and the Alchemic Symbols Cipher)!

Congratulations to David Bühring who got his hands on the ENORMOUS Wendy’s Word Search (be sure to check out this link for the complete list of possibly hidden words!)

Congratulations to David Bühring, anabelennj, and Rasmus Hartwich (shout out to Rasmus who gave me the heads up about how difficult Riddle 3 was in this challenge – I’ll have that updated with a less challenging riddle ASAP) who bested this challenge and downloaded my Map of Gravity Fall’s Various Timelines!

Congratulations to Tora Newton Y., David Bühring, Rasmus Hartwich, and anabelennj who are all making their chores more fun with the aid of Mabel’s ANTI-Chore Wheel!

Congratulations to David Bühring, Ned, anabelennj, and Rasmus Hartwich who are finally organizing their sticker collections with Mabel’s Sticktionary Starter Pages!

Congratulations to Jacey, Tora Newton Y., Ned, Max, David Bühring, and anabelennj who unlocked Journal Entry # 1: “Soos”!

Congratulations to Mythheart, Kelsey F, Quintin Craig, Coma Noises, David Bühring, Rasmus Hartwich, and anabelennj who unlocked Journal Entry # 2 “Pacifica Northwest”

Congratulations to Ned, David Dalziel, Jacey, Baby Dogson, Tora Newton Y., awkwardgravityfallsscreencaps, ToniPendragon, Gravity Falls News, iarekay, Mythheart, Kelsey F, Quintin Craig, Coma Noises, David Bühring, Rasmus Hartwich, and anabelennj who unlocked Journal Entry # 3 “Gideon Gleeful”!

And finally, Congratulations to ComaNoises, Ned, Baby Dogson, awkwardgravityfallsscreencaps, David Bühring, David Dalziel, ToniPendragon, Gravity Falls News, Mythheart, iarekay, Quintin Craig, anabelennj, Catfish, and Rasmus Hartwich who unlocked Journal Entry # 4 “The Symbol of the Six Fingered Hand”!

Amazing work! All of you should be proud!

Now before I close this post, I just want to announce this update’s Member of the Week*!

This time around I’m celebrating two new members, David Bühring and anabelennj who battled through all of the challenges and clawed themselves into the upper ranks of the Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel. That not only shows dedication, but proves that any member – no matter when they join – can defeat the challenges, gain some fun rewards, and climb the ranks!

I’d also like to give some credit to the equally dedicated Rasmus Hartwich who not only burned through the challenges, but also was unafraid to reach out to me for help. Admittedly, I’ve been lax about messages as of late as I’ve been neck deep in other responsibilities – but if you ever need help with the challenges, shoot me a message and I’ll do my best to lend you a hand (or at least see where a potential malfunction is)!

Well members, keep your eyes peeled for updates! Now that the old challenges are secure, I have a few big announcements… including the opening of the Fishers of Truth!

Keep crackin’ those codes!

* In the case of this rank, “week” is a relative term which may or may not resemble the amount of days in a normal week.

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