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Meeting #24: LAZY SUSAN

Royal MEETING 24 copy

Welcome brothers and sisters to this week’s meeting of the Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel!

In this week’s meeting I discuss the cacophonous cat lady, Lazy Susan!


Challenge 22

Lazy Susan is the waitress at Greasy’s Diner – a popular restaurant in Gravity Falls. Though her name might imply that she’s lethargic, Lazy Susan’s nickname comes from her one lazy eye which remains closed at all times.


Lazy Susan is a kindly, but simple woman who enjoys the various activities and celebrations of Gravity Falls. Her most creative culinary creation is her Coffee Omelette – a regular omelette that just has coffee in it. She is single, and seemingly lives alone – save for her three cats.

In the course of the show, we discover that Stanford Pines has developed a crush on Lazy Susan in the episode Dipper Versus Manliness. The problem being that he has built up an imaginary version of Lazy Susan – a “classy lady” that’s too good for a cantankerous con man. But through Mabel’s machinations, Stan is able to get past his fears and take the first steps of forming a relationship with Lazy Susan.

Unfortunately, Stan quickly realizes that Lazy Susan is nowhere near his equal. Gone is the “classy lady” of his dreams and he has to deal with the grim reality of who Lazy Susan is as a person – annoying, needy, and vapid.


Lazy Susan helps illustrate a lesson for both Stan and the audience – that you should never make large assumptions about those you get a crush on. Until you get to actually know a person for who they are – you can’t put them on a pedestal and pine after them. It’s a harmful way of thinking, and robs you of the chance to form a new friendship or even a deeper relationship out of the fear of the pain and embarrassment of rejection.

But what do you think? Will Lazy Susan play a larger role in the mysteries of Gravity Falls? Will Stan figure out how to break things off with her? Will Lazy Susan invent something better than the coffee omelette? (Probably not.) Leave your theories and suggestions in the comments below!

Royal MEETING 24 copy

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