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CODE CRACKING 101: The Atbash Cipher

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Welcome to Code Cracking 101!

In this episode I explain how to use an ATBASH cipher to decode the secret messages hidden in episodes 7 – 13 (and beyond) of Gravity Falls.

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In this meeting of Code Cracking 101, I break down the Atbash Cipher. The ATBASH cipher actually got it’s start in Hebrew text – notably in Jewish Mysticism, as it’s used in translations of their religious books. The name itself is is actually an acronym of four Hebrew letters: Aleph-Tav-Beth-Shin (אתבש).

The way the Atbash Cipher works is by mirroring the alphabet. By writing A to Z on a piece of paper and Z to A just below it, you’ve crafted an Atbash Cipher! This means that if you decode one letter B=Y, you’ve decoded the reverse as well Y=B.

Due to the low difficulty of this encryption method, it’s not often used in situations where data must remain secure – but it does make a great way to casually encode messages between friends!

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