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Posted on: August 1, 2014

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Welcome brothers and sisters to this week’s meeting of the Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel!

In this week’s meeting I discuss the secrets hidden in the 2014 San Diego Comic Con Gravity Falls Poster!

The 2014 San Diego Comic Con is in full swing, and much like previous years, Alex Hirsch and his team have hosted an amazing panel. Every year they also bring cool giveaways for those in attendance, and this year was no different!

Amongst the cool swag was a signable poster for the fans who stay on line after the panel finished. The 2014 Gravity Falls poster was designed by pixel artist Paul Robertson, who crafted a unique piece of art PACKED with second season secrets!

The 2014 SDCC Gravity Falls poster is divided into three zones that reflect Mabel, Dipper, and Grunkle Stan respectively. In Mabel’s zone, we see a cornucopia of cute critters, but two parts stick out as odd. First, there’s the frequent felines that occupy her space that look oddly like her Meow Wow sweater. Secondly, there’s the llama-like creature that matches the simplistic design of Mabel’s llama sweater.

In Dipper’s zone we see an odd spider-like eyeball creature, the pterodactyl, our first look at a flying saucer, the floating island head, the Gobblewonker, The Gremoblin, and the what appears to be a bigfoot! We also see The Eye of Providence and Bill cipher’s wheel – and what appears to be a hooded figure from the Blind Eye Society!

Grunkle Stan’s zone is filled with his money and the bizarre trappings of the Mystery Shack as well as a bandage on his right hand!

What do these abnormalities mean? Will they prove to be important plot points in the second season? Leave your theories and suggestions in the comments below!

SDCC Poster 2014

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