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Creative Contest Announcement!

Royal MEETING Art Contest

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Welcome brothers and sisters to an important announcement from the Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel!

This meeting’s order of business: The first ever Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel Creative Contest!



To win this Creative Contest you must submit an ORIGINAL piece of art (in any medium including [but not limited to] a drawing, sculpture, music, or video) that artistically represents and captures the spirit of the Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel and its host, Douglas MacKrell.

This contest will have three [3] Primary Submission Winners (Two [2] Runners Up and one [1] Grand Prize Winner) and one [1] Special Grand Prize Winner selected from entrants under ten [10] years old.


Primary Submission Runners Up [2] will receive:

One [1] Gravity Falls Grunkle Stan Fez ($19.99; HotTopic)

Primary Submission Grand Prize Winner [1] will receive:

One [1] Gravity Falls Grunkle Stan Fez ($19.99; HotTopic)

One [1] Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel Membership Kit ($20; ROotHM)

which includes:
[1] Serialized Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel Membership Card
[1] Personalized Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel Certificate of Membership
[3] Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel Magnets (Book, Greasy’s, Oath)
[3] Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel Secret Decoder Disks
[1] Caesar Cipher Disk (Three Letters Back)
[1] ATBASH Cipher Disk
[1] Alchemy Font Cipher
[1] MASTER CIPHER For All Codes Used in the Royal Order AND Gravity Falls
[1] Personalized Welcome Letter from the High Exalted Big Fish
[1] Greasy’s Diner Placemat
[1] Lil’ Gideon Fun Time Activity Book Page
[1] Tape Up Tapestry
[1] Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel Motto Card
[1] Deed to the Mystery Shack
[1] Robbie V and the Tombstones Tour Poster
[1] Bill Cipher’s Maze
[1] Wendy’s Word Search
[1] Gravity Falls Timeline
[1] Sticktionary Starter Pages (12)
[14] Journal Entry Pages
[1] Postcard with a one-of-a-kind doodle on the back
[1] Invisible Ink Pen (with attached UV light to reveal secret messages)
[1] Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel Secret Decoder Ring
[1] Secret Message that can only be decoded with the ROotHM Secret Decoder Ring
[1] Top Secret Envelope secured with a wax seal

One [1] Special Grand Prize Winner (from entrants under ten [10] years old) will receive:

One [1] Gravity Falls Dipper Hat ($14.99; HotTopic)


There will be two rounds to judging. The first round will be conducted impartially through a Judges Panel who will score each entry in the following categories:

Creativity [10 points]
Originality [10 points]
Incorporation Of Theme (The ROotHM and its host Douglas MacKrell) [10 points]
Technical Skill/Use Of Medium [10 points]

[Highest possible score 50 points]

The Judges Panel will send their personally top scoring finalists (6 Primary Submission and 3 Special Submission entries per Judge) to Douglas MacKrell one week after the deadline [9/6/14]. Douglas MacKrell will judge each of the finalists one final time on how well they capture the spirit of the Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel.

The winners will be announced in a special video released on Sunday September 21th, 2014 [9/21/14].


All submissions MUST include three [3] things in addition to their submission:

1) The name of the entrant
2) The age of the entrant
3) A primary and active email address (so any possible winners can be contacted) [This address should be of a legal guardian if the entrant is under 18 years old]

This Creative Contest is completely free to enter. (All entrants are responsible for postage fees incurred for mailed submissions.) All entrants are limited to three [3] submissions per individual.

Entrants are not obligated or required to subscribe to this YouTube channel, follow any social media page, or like and/or comment on any videos to be eligible to enter or win.

To be eligible to win this contest, you (the entrant) must be at least 18 years of age OR have the full consent of a legal guardian to receive your prize (see prize list above).

This contest accepts entries from all over the word.

You can enter this contest one of two ways:

[A] Submitting a photograph or a digital file via email at (making sure to include “CREATIVE CONTEST” in the subject line)


[B] Mailing your entry to:
Douglas MacKrell
P O Box 6529
Astoria, NY 11106

All submissions must be received before the Contest Deadline [9/6/14]. If you are mailing your submission close to the deadline, please also submit digitally as well with a note stating that your submission is on it’s way in the mail.

All entrants who submit via post AND include a return address will receive one [1] serialized membership card and one [1] personalized welcome letter to the Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel.

If selected as a winner, you will be contacted by Douglas MacKrell within 24 hours. Winners are then responsible for responding to that notification with their full shipping address. All winners have thirty (30) days from my notification to respond with the necessary shipping information or their prize will be disqualified and their win will be voided!

The contest host, Douglas MacKrell, retains the right to void any entry at will and at any time without notification. If, for any reason, an entrant has been found to have submitted a plagiarized work and/or has cheated the system in any way, they will be disqualified, voided, and all suspected entries will be removed from judging.

All artists will retain full rights to any work for this contest, but by entering this contest you agree that your work can be used in perpetuity and without compensation by Douglas MacKrell to share in his show, website, and social media – and in promotion of his YouTube channel and videos.

All information collected for this contest will be confidently held by Douglas MacKrell for the term of the contest. It will only be used once for notifying potential winners, and will be deleted and/or destroyed after the contest has ended. All winners must be comfortable releasing their personal shipping address upon notification. This address will be used only once by Douglas MacKrell in order to send the winner their prize, and then deleted and/or destroyed.

Douglas MacKrell is not responsible for any problems that may occur through the failure of the shipping process. Including, but not exclusive to, lost, stolen, or damaged prizes. All winners are responsible for any additional fees, costs, tariffs, or taxes that may occur from the shipping process.

YouTube does not sponsor or endorse this contest – nor is it liable for anything pertaining to it.

Royal MEETING Art Contest

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