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Meeting #33: Scary-oke

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Welcome brothers and sisters to this week’s meeting of the Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel!

In this meeting I discuss the first episode of the second season of Gravity Falls, Scary-oke!


Challenge 29

In this meeting of the Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel we investigate the story of the first episode of the second season of Gravity Falls, Scary-oke.

Due to the amount of information that’s packed into each episode, I’ve decided to split my investigation of Scary-oke over two meetings. This first one focusing on all of the secrets and reveals set up by various story elements, and a second meeting to investigate all of the codes, images, and hidden messages woven throughout the episode.

Scary-oke begins just as Gideon Rises ends, and we discover that the portal may be activated, but it needs to slowly scan every possible sector before it can be used. We still don’t know what it’s looking for in particular – but we do know it will take some time to get there!


From there we’re reintroduced to the core characters after a year’s hiatus. Mabel acts like a ham. Dipper is driven to find the truth. And Grunkle Stan is just trying to keep his various lies afloat! We’re shown that everything hasn’t been reset to square one after the events of the first season, but these are still the same characters you’ve loved before.

We’re next introduced to Agents Powers and Trigger, two hard nosed and humorless men who are tasked to investigate the paranormal for an as-of-yet unnamed US Government Agency. Agent powers reaches out to Dipper and entrusts him with their confidential mission.

Scary-oke does a great job of building Grunkle Stan’s character in three ways. Firstly is the shattering of his “oblivious old man” facade when he admits to Dipper and Mabel that he was lying to them in order to protect them from the dangers of Gravity Falls.

The second is the reveal that he did not know about the secret messages in the journals written in invisible ink. That means that Stan has never personally met the author of the journals – he only knows that they exist and what they can be universally used for. Stan is only a few steps ahead of Dipper and Mabel, and doesn’t know everything!

And finally, we learn that Grunkle Stan has a woman’s engagement ring in his jewelry drawer. Perhaps this was meant for Carla McCorkle and he never had the chance to give it to her. Regardless, it sheds new light on why he hates marriage so much!


But the biggest reveal in Scary-oke are the zombies! We now know that zombies in Gravity Falls must be summoned with a magic spell, and that they raise through magic cracks in the ground instead of punching out of gravesites. We also learn that if you are infected, your skin turns pale green and your eyes glow. You retain most of your intelligence and personality, but you are uncontrollably driven to eat the brains of and or infect adjacent humans!

This more or less rules out the theory that Robbie V is a zombie. He’s most likely just a cowardly loser, but if he is a paranormal creature he’s most likely a vampire or a frankenstein monster-like homunculus.

There are still many lies left between the Pines family. Will these lies ultimately tear them apart? Leave your theories and suggestions in the comments below!

Royal MEETING 33 copy

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