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Posted on: August 27, 2014


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EMERGENCY MEETING: Decoder Ring Depletion

Royal EMERGE MEET copy

Welcome Brothers and Sisters to the emergency meeting of the Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel!

In this emergency meeting, I explain about the holdups in the schedule, announce the first ever restocking sale, and brief our members about all the ongoing and upcoming events!

In this emergency meeting I brief our members on some important ongoing and upcoming events.

The Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel’s regular meeting will take place one week from the day of this meeting’s release, and will focus on all of the secrets, hidden images, and secret codes worked throughout the episode Scary-oke!

The Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel is now out of stock of Decoder Rings. While more are on route, the store is holding a Restocking Sale, and until the new shipment arrives – everything in the store will be 20% off!

The next LIVE meeting of the Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel will take place on Saturday August 30th at 8pm EST – 5pm PST.

The Creative Contest submission timeframe is now half over. Please remember that the deadline is Saturday September 6th 2014.

Royal EMERGE MEET copy

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