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Posted on: September 6, 2014

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MEETING #36: The SECRETS of Into The Bunker

Royal Meeting 36 SECRETS BUNKER

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Welcome Brothers and Sisters to this week’s meeting of the Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel!

In this meeting, I investigate the secrets and hidden messages of Into The Bunker!


ROotHM A1Z26 Cipher Disk copy

This week I investigate the secrets, encoded messages, and hidden images of Into The Bunker.

Firstly there’s the new credit code introduced in Into The Bunker. The key for this episode’s code was written on the side of a barrel we see briefly in the Fallout Shelter. After using the password SHIFTER with the Key Vigenere Cipher, you unlock the message WHAT KIND OF DISASTER INDEED.

The run of numbers on the page opposite the journal’s bunker page is actually a binary code that translates to “PUT ALL SIX PIECES TOGETHER”. This means that the end cards of Scary-oke and Into The Bunker are part of a larger 6 part image!

We also get to see four new pages of the Journal in Into The Bunker. The first two focus on the cooling system for the cryogenic tubes, and include a code that translates to ICE ICE BABY – a nod to the hit Vanilla Ice song of the same name.

The following two pages explain the Shape Shifter was discovered by the Author as an unhatched egg in the caves near the bunker. There is also a code on these pages that reads AM I ME? IS HE ME?

The end card of Into The Bunker also has a code which translates to IMPROPER USE OF MACHINERY COULD LEAD TO UTTER CATASTROPHE.

We also discover that the Laptop computer that Soos finds has a label stating PROPERTY OF F – though this doesn’t denote the identity of the Author, it does help prove that the Author may have worked with someone else. Someone else that they may have not trusted.

But what do you think? Leave your theories and suggestions in the comments below!

Royal Meeting 36 SECRETS BUNKER

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