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Posted on: January 18, 2015

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Royal Meeting 39 BLINDEYE

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Welcome Brothers and Sisters to this week’s meeting of the Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel!

In this meeting, I investigate the sinister mysterious order of the Blindeye Society!

[NOTE: This was crafted before the airing of “SOCIETY OF THE BLIND EYE”]

With my schedule still a mess, this week I tackle the HIGHLY requested topic of the Blindeye Society.

The first reference to the Blindeye Society was made in the end credits of the final episode of the first season of Gravity Falls, Gideon Rises. After running it through the combination cipher (A1Z26 – ATBASH – Caesar Cipher set 3 letters back), it reads SEARCH FOR THE BLINDEYE.

The next reference made to the Blindeye Society was the image created from the combined end cards of Dipper’s Guide to the Unexplained. When collected it creates the the symbol of the Blindeye society – an eye with a red X through it. It also has a code that reads I WAS SO BLIND. HE LIED TO ME. THE DARKNESS IS NEAR.

We also see the a cloaked member of the Blindeye Society on the 2014 Gravity Falls San Diego Comic Con poster!

So far in season two of Gravity Falls, we see the symbol of the Blindeye Society hidden in two episodes (The Golf War, and Soos and the Real Girl).

The final reference we’ve seen to the Blindeye Society is a brief clip from a promotional video for the second season. In the clip we see Lazy Susan frantically trying to make a phone call while two hooded members of the Blindeye Society sneak up behind her!

But what do you think? Is the Blindeye Society sinister or benevolent? Leave your theories and suggestions in the comments below!

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