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Posted on: January 18, 2015

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Meeting #41 SOCK OPERA

Royal Meeting 41 SOCK OPERA 2

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Welcome Brothers and Sisters to this week’s meeting of the Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel!

In this meeting, I begin my analysis of Season 2 Episode 4, Sock Opera – a breakdown of the story elements and the various secrets they reveal!

Brothers and Sisters, it has been quite some time since our last meeting, and for that I apologize – but things are getting back on track, and this week marks our triumphant return to order!

This week I begin my slow breakdown of the various aspects of one of the most complicated episodes of the second season so far – Sock Opera. In this meeting I focus on the story elements and what they can reveal about the greater story of Gravity Falls.

Firstly we need to understand that, much like it’s namesake, Sock Opera follows an operatic theme. Most operas are centered around the story of a tragedy. A deep loss is felt my the main characters of the show, and Sock Opera is no different! Despite defeating Bill, Dipper and Mabel both experience loss – Mabel loses her chance with Gabe, and Dipper loses the Laptop!

The episode also teases the return of Agents Powers and Trigger – who can be seen briefly in the audience of Mabel’s puppet show, and their surveillance equipment can be spotted within the floors of the Mystery Shack! This means that Agents Powers and Trigger have not only begun spying on the Pines, but they have gained access to the Mystery Shack without the Pines knowing about it!

This could mean that the Agency is simply searching for information – but if they’ve gained intimate access to the Mystery Shack, odds are that they know about the portal room… and are waiting for it to activate BEFORE they strike!

This episode also possibly portends the tragic fate of two main characters – Grunkle Stan and Soos! Bill teases the audience with the exact time of Soos’ death, and of all the puppets destroyed in Sock Opera, the only one burned in intricate slow motion, was Grunkle Stan’s puppet!

We also can figure out a few more things about Bill Cipher’s goals thanks to this episode. We now know that Bill once had a body of some kind, though it may not have been human. That his goal may be to gain access to our world, but it’s not by stealing someone’s body. It leaves him too vulnerable and powerless! But the biggest possible reveal comes from an offhanded comment made by Bill – namely, that he doesn’t value siblings over his own desires.

This could mean that Bill Cipher has a secret sibling that has been also secretly spying on him! If that’s the case, then the best character for that sibling to spy on him would be from Gompers the Goat! No one would suspect a thing!

But what do you think? Leave your theories and suggestions in the comments below!

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