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Meeting #45 BLENDIN’S GAME

Royal MEETING 45

In this week’s meeting of the Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel we breakdown and investigate the eighth episode of the second season, Blendin’s Game!


Challenge 35

This week’s analysis is aimed at Blendin’s Game! One of the best episodes of the second season and the entire Gravity Falls series so far! The story focuses on Blendin Blandon’s revenge on Dipper and Mabel and the revelation that Soos hates his birthday because that’s the day he realized his father wouldn’t be returning.

Blendin’s Game reveals that Soos is 22 years old, and that his father left Gravity Falls 18 years ago when he was just 4 years old. We also learn that Gideon Gleeful is about 10 years old, and that Robbie V was already vandalizing property by the time he was 6 or 7.

Robbie V’s tag may be a clue to the secret origin of Gideon Gleeful, portending that he may actually be half demon – a theoretical child brought into existence through a deal between Bud Gleeful and Bill Cipher!

Blendin’s Game does not answer if Soos’ grandmother is related to his father or his mother, but through context we can assume that she is related to his mother. It does raise the question, where is Soos’ mother… and for that matter, why has Alex left nearly every adult female uncharacterized (and even unnamed so far!)

Blendin’s Game also introduces the popular theory that Soos’ father is actually the author of the journal. Though there is some possibility to this theory, the more you analyze it, the more it falls apart! The biggest problem being that the author could not have lived in Gravity Falls for 12 years, and have a child, without Grunkle Stan finding him.

The big secret this episode holds is that clues left in the New Orlean’s Postcard and how the Mailman was dressed lead to the very possible theory that Soos DID meet his father at the door! He was the mailman in disguise!

But these are just my theories! Leave YOUR theories and suggestions in the comments below!

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