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Meeting # 46 THE LOVE GOD

Royal MEETING 46

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In this week’s meeting of the Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel we breakdown and investigate the ninth episode of the second season, The Love God!


Challenge 36

This week’s Valentine’s Day timed breakdown focuses on the ninth episode of the second season, The Love God!

The Love God features the story of Mabel’s quest to fix Robbie’s broken heart through matchmaking. Though she’s had some success in the past with Soos and Melody and Waddles and Gompers, she discovers the hard way that fixing up her friends may be harder than it looks. She then runs into The Love God, a tubby rocker who – as it turns out – is an actual love god who uses his love potions to affect various types of love.

After Mabel steals The Love God’s love potion and gives some to Robbie and Tambry, she discovers that her good intentions have backfired and the new romance has caused a rift between Nate, Lee, Thompson, and Wendy.

In The Love God we learn a LOT of new information about Robbie and his family, the Valentinos – a happy go lucky bunch of undertakers who work and live in the funeral home adjacent to the Gravity Falls cemetery. It turns out that Robbie’s origin is far less cryptic than it once seemed. He’s just a regular kid who has rebelled against his upbeat family by being their polar opposite.

We also learn that The Love God is a real cherub – a kind of angel. This means two things. One, that paranormal elements do and can exist outside the borders of Gravity Falls, and two, that there is a good chance that The Love God is a harbinger of the apocalypse!

But these are just my theories! Leave YOUR theories and suggestions in the comments below!

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