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Mabel Pines and Waddles Two Figures Pack Unboxing, Testing, and Review

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The Mabel Pines and Waddles Two Figures Pack is part of the first wave of Gravity Falls toys created by Jazwares. The simple blister pack contains three items: Mabel Pines, Waddles, and a small scroll which is a print of the Journal Page about the Undead as featured in the first episode, Tourist Trapped!

Mabel Pines’ figure has three points of articulation. Her neck and each shoulder. For concerned parents, her skirt is a solid black piece that her legs appear from. Mabel Pines is molded to be able to grasp something in her right hand, but comes with no accessories. Waddles is a solid piece and has no articulation. Both figures are highly detailed and carefully painted.

The biggest drawback for this expensive figure is the way Mabel Pines figure is designed. Because her hair is a solid piece, she is very back heavy and will not stand on her own. This could have been rectified if they had molded a peg hole in her foot so she could be attached to a stand, but this was not afforded in this model.

The Mabel Pines and Waddles Two Figures Pack is a highly sought after collectable, but because of her poor design, she may cause some children to be upset after opening. The quick fix I made was to prop her up against Waddles. Using her pet pig as a crutch you can find a way to balance Mabel on her own two feet.

If you’d like to purchase this action figure, you can find her now on Amazon for about 16 dollars as of this video’s upload. Help support the show by using the link below to view and purchase this toy!

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