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In this episode of The Mailbox, Sweatertown asks if I would be excited by the idea of a Gravity Falls Movie. Spoiler alert: The answer is no. Very no.

A Gravity Falls movie would require one of three things – a self contained story that happens after the core events of the series, an attempt to finish the story in a single film, or a reboot of Gravity Falls in movie form.

A self contained story may have some of your favorite characters like Dipper, Mabel, Grunkle Stan, or Soos – but after the story has been told in the series (the story of a single summer where two kids mature into adults) there’s no reason to return. The entire venture would be a hollow excuse to revisit these characters with none of the heart of the original show.

Finishing the story of Gravity Falls in a movie would be a terrible deal for current audiences, who would be expected to buy a ticket or a DVD just to see the finale the TV show promised from the beginning. It will encapsulate that ending, and keep it separate from the show itself – making viewing the complete story a far trickier endeavor.

And do you really want to see them start Gravity Falls over again just to cram it into a format which will make it’s deep and luscious story feel cramped and rushed? NO THANK YOU!

But that’s just my opinion! Be sure to sound off below with your theories and suggestions!

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