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Posted on: March 8, 2015

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Royal MEETING 48

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In this week’s meeting of the Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel I take some time to recap what we know about the first half of the second season, and theorize where the rest of Gravity Falls’ second season will take us!


Challenge 37

This week’s meeting focuses on recapping everything we’ve learned so far in Gravity Falls second season episode by episode.

From the portal machine’s scan and the introduction of Powers and Trigger in Scaryoke, to the secrets of the Shapeshifter in Into The Bunker, to the foreshadowing of Pacifica’s unrest in The Golf War, to Bill Cipher’s meddling in Sock Opera, to Grunkle Stan’s history in Soos and the Real Girl, to the hints at the future that Little Gift Shop of Horrors presents, to Old Man McGucket’s troubling past in Society Of The Blind Eye, to Soos’ secret origin in Blendin’s Game, to the vast reach of the paranormal hinted at in The Love God, to the Northwest’s vile history in Northwest Mansion Mystery – this has already proven to be a surprising season of Gravity Falls so far!

Not What He Seems debuts in just two days of this this meeting being uploaded to YouTube, and it teases some huge reveals of Grunkle Stan’s secret history. My theory is that we may get the Agent’s version of Grunkle Stan’s history, but it will only leave us with more questions – because Grunkle Stan will be able to escape and return to the portal machine with just enough time to use it to flee the agents. McGucket may be able to stop the machine, but it will come at a cost… Grunkle Stan.

I also theorize that we may not see Grunkle Stan again for the rest of the season. This will drive Dipper and Mabel to seek out the true author of the journals not just for answers, but because he is the only way to get Grunkle Stan back from the other side of the Portal!

But these are just my theories! Leave YOUR theories and suggestions for the future of Gravity Falls in the comments below!

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