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Posted on: March 18, 2015

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Mailbox 7 Cover

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In this episode of The Mailbox I show off my new fez from Heatherdvdprincess, I tell Shane where I buy my fezes from, and I tell KidView who I think will possibly die by the end of Gravity Falls season two!

In this episode of The Mailbox, I start things off by sharing an amazing package I received from Heatherdvdprincess. She sent me a valentines day present which included a handwritten card, several question marks, a sphinx puzzle and a metal triangle puzzle – AND a hand stitched fez with a pictogram of my name on it!

I also turn to the Google Form and answer two questions from there. Shane asked where I get my fezes from, and the answer is Jason Rogers’ Fez-O-Rama! Fantastic one-of-a-kind headgear for the true fez enthusiast or secret society head.

And finally KidView asks who do I think will die in Gravity Falls Season 2. This is in regard to a tweet posted by Alex Hirsch that says: “at least one character will not survive the season.” Although we already have had no less than 3 deaths on screen this season already, a large collection of people believe that Alex means that a character from the main cast will not survive Gravity Falls Season Two.

If that’s the case, the only character that can die with the most impact without breaking the show’s engine is Soos. Soos has already accomplished all of his goals. He has respect, family, a girlfriend, happiness, contentment and even an air of maturity. His character’s only purpose is to protect and defend Dipper and Mabel.

Nothing would raise the stakes for Dipper and Mabel more than to lose their steadfast friend and guardian – and Soos’ death would cause the show to focus on finding his father – a cause worthy plot device.

But that’s just my opinion! Be sure to sound off below with your theories and suggestions!

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