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In this episode of The Mailbox I explain to Ruby Sekera how I draw Gravity Falls characters so well, and tell SuperPowerful62 what I would do if I was Alex Hirsch for a day!

In this episode of The Mailbox, I start things off by sharing a letter from superfan Ruby Sekera, who asks how I can draw Gravity Falls characters so well. It turns out that I have a really boring answer, because the real trick is practice. Spending the time to improve your skill through repetition will allow you to start drawing better and better pictures – especially once you discover how the characters are constructed.

Since it’s Ruby’s 13th birthday, I celebrated the fact by sending her a copy of one of my favorite books: Preston Blair’s Cartoon Animation. It’s been the go-to guide for animators for generations now, and many college courses still use it as a text book!

I also answer SuperPowerful62’s question about what kind of story I would write for Gravity Falls if I was Alex Hirsch. Though I wouldn’t want to be Alex Hirsch directly, I would love to work with Alex Hirsch to pen a story about Toby Determined where he accidentally gets very close to revealing the answer to one of Gravity Falls biggest secrets!

Be sure to keep asking me questions, and sending me cool stuff to share on the show! Also, thanks for watching! Also, thanks for reading this! Yes, I’m talking directly to you! The reader of this part of the website! Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone else that there are secret messages just for you hidden in here! Here’s something special for actually reading this far down:

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