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Royal MEETING 51

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In this meeting of The Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel, I investigate the theory that Grunkle Stan is in fact Stanley Pines, the real Grandfather of Dipper and Mabel!


Challenge 38

Brothers and Sisters, due to a large amount of confusion amongst fans and members alike, I’ve decided to take a meeting to discuss the very clear possibility that the man we know as Grunkle Stan is in fact Stanley Pines, the Grandfather of Dipper and Mabel!

This of course means that the portal-lost brother of Stanley is the real Stanford Pines. Why would Stanley take over his brother’s identity? Well, there are plenty of clues in the episode. Firstly, there’s Grunkle Stan’s box of fake IDs. These are mementos of his past life. Highly dangerous incriminating evidence to keep on hand – they’re clearly deeply sentimental to Stan Pines.

Stanley Pines is a wanted man. He may have escaped from a Colombian prison, or fallen back into a life of crime – but either way, Stanley Pines can not walk around under his own name.

The Eagle Eyed Agents have proof that shows that the man they arrested isn’t Stanford Pines. They may have no idea who he really is, but they know Grunkle Stan’s fingerprints do not match for Stanford Pines. They know his signature does not match Stanford Pines. They even highlight the vanity licence plate discrepancy.

So I’m sure we will come to find that Stanley Pines came to Gravity Falls to lay low. After “The Event”, Stanford Pines was lost to the portal and Old Man McGucket was lost to madness – so Stanley’s only hope to save his brother was to stick around town and search for the missing journals to reactivate the portal.

Since Stanley Pines was a wanted man, he faked his own death and assumed his twin brother’s identity so he could work within Gravity Falls without alerting the authorities!

But that’s just my theory! Agree? Disagree? Sound off in the comments below and let me know what you believe!

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