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Posted on: December 27, 2015

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A Tale Of Two Stans [Gravity Falls] REACTION & FIRST IMPRESSION The Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel


In this video I react to seeing the twelfth episode of Gravity Falls second season, A Tale Of Two Stans!

After fan demand, I decided to turn a camera on myself and film my reaction to Gravity Falls’ second season episode, A Tale Of Two Stans. The story focuses on the moments after the events of Not What He Seems, and deals with the introduction of Stanley’s twin brother – the real Stanford Pines.

We learn that just over 60 years ago, Stanford and Stanley were born in Glass Shard Beach New Jersey (a play on New Jersey’s notoriously gross beaches), and were quite close as children. Stanford’s natural knack for studies opened doors for him, but Stanley’s accidental tampering of Stanford’s science project cost him a chance at a prestigious college. Tired of his constant failure and apparent sabotage, Stanley’s father tosses him out, with the caveat that he is only allowed back if he can make a fortune somehow.

Stanley went out on the road and started running scams. He would sell a bogus product until he was banned from the state. Afterward he would move onto the next under a new identity. Meanwhile Stanford worked incredibly hard and earned a PHD in a third of the time, and his research won him a prestigious grant – a sum of money for him to do any research he wanted. This rekindled his love of the paranormal, and took him to Gravity Falls. There, he cataloged the paranormal elements searching for a cause of their existence.

Realizing that the paranormal anomalies are coming from a different dimension, Stanford Pines works with Fiddleford McGucket to create a doorway – a portal between dimensions at a weak point in our universe. An accident causes Fiddleford to get a close look, and he quits when Stanford refuses to dismantle the portal. Realizing he may need some help, Stanford reaches out to Stanley Pines.

The Pines Brothers meet, but have a fight over each other’s callousness, which ends with Stanley burned and Stanford knocked into the portal. Stanley regroups and tries to help find his brother, but sets up shop in Gravity Falls to pull this off. He fakes his death in a car crash, and assumes Stanford Pines’ identity!

A Tale Of Two Stans ends with Stanford using McGucket’s memory eraser to wipe the memories and steal the files of the Eagle Eyed Government Agents. Ultimately Stanford Pines agrees to stay in the basement while Stanford works the Shack and take care of Dipper and Mabel for the remainder of the summer. After which, Stanford will take his name and property back and Stanley will be out on the street.

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