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Posted on: December 27, 2015

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A TALE OF TWO STANS TRAILER ANALYSIS [Gravity Falls] The Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel

Royal MEETING 52

In this meeting of The Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel, I investigate the recently released trailer for Gravity Falls Season 2 Episode 12, A Tale Of Two Stans!

Brothers and Sisters, due to demand I have decided to push past the taboo of spoilers and investigate the long form trailer released officially by Disney for Gravity Falls Season 2 Episode 12, A Tale Of Two Stans. The trailer reveals some big secrets, but also puzzled many of our members, so a full analysis was needed!

First and foremost, the A Tale Of Two Stans trailer proves two things – that Stanley Pines assumed the identity of his twin brother Stanford Pines so he could stay in Gravity Falls without raising suspicion, and that both brothers are roughly 60 years old!

The events of A Tale Of Two Stans clearly take place right after the events of Not What He Seems. This means that the police and the Eagle Eyed Agents are on their way back to the Mystery Shack, and Stanley only has a short window of time to explain his story to Dipper, Mabel, Soos, and Stanford before he has to face the music.

The A Tale Of Two Stans trailer shows a shotgun blast of images which can be arranged into a rough timeline of events. Stanley and Stanford Pines were close as children, and Stanley often stood up for his brother Stanford. While Stanford excelled in his studies, Stanley lagged behind – which means his brother was able to leave home on his own, while Stanley was eventually thrown out of his family’s house!

Stanford settled in Gravity Falls and focused on chasing the Paranormal while Stanley continually made bad choices. So many in fact, that Stanley Pines found himself banned from nearly every state! Stanford however continued his research with Fiddleford, which seemingly ended with an accident. The last we see of the brothers, Stanford is interrogating Stanley, and the two fight over Journal #1!

But that’s just my theory! Agree? Disagree? Sound off in the comments below and let me know what you believe!

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