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BILL CIPHER’S HOME AND FAMILY [Gravity Falls] Deciphering Cipher

Decipher 3 COVER

In this episode of Deciphering Cipher, I investigate the home dimension and family of Bill Cipher through answers he left in his 2015 Reddit AMA!

Welcome to Deciphering Cipher, the mini series dedicated to investigating the secrets of Bill Cipher’s 2015 Reddit AMA. This candid open interview held by bill himself at midnight PST April 1st, gave us a whole new insight into the three sided snappy dresser.

In this episode I break down what we can learn about Bill Cipher’s home dimension and family from answers left in the AMA. The primary piece of information we learn is that Bill Cipher’s home dimension shares many of its trappings with Edwin Abbott Abbott’s social satire, Flatland.

In Edwin Abbott’s book, Flatland is literally a two dimensional world with a strict social structure. Flatland is ruled by circles, but the story is told through the perspective of a square – the lowest member of their society’s upper class. The bottom of Flatland’s society is populated by triangles, who fill the roles of soldiers and menial work.

This helps us understand the very strict and bureaucratic social structure of Bill Cipher’s home dimension. These rules seem to extend to even his powers as well, so it only makes sense that he works to rebel against them.

Bill Cipher also coldly states that he no longer has a family. At first blush, it seems like Bill may have done in his family, but he may have simply just turned his back on his family – especially if his goals are to climb the social ladder. They would just be holding him back!

However, these are just my theories. If you agree or disagree, let me know in the comments below!

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