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BILL CIPHER’S MASTER PLAN [Gravity Falls] Deciphering Cipher

Decipher 4 COVER

In this episode of Deciphering Cipher, I fully analyze all of the answers given by Bill Cipher in his 2015 AMA and reveal my theory for Bill Cipher’s Master Plan!

Welcome to Deciphering Cipher, the mini series dedicated to investigating the secrets of Bill Cipher’s 2015 Reddit AMA. This candid open interview held by bill himself at midnight PST April 1st, gave us a whole new insight into the three sided snappy dresser.

In this episode I take all of the clues amassed from Bill Cipher’s AMA to try to pin down what his primary goal is in Gravity Falls.

Bill Cipher, as we know, is angling for a “promotion” or some sort of upward mobility within the strict social structure of his home dimension, which has placed and trapped Triangles at the bottom of society. This means Bill may have lucked upon Earth and Gravity Falls as part of a first wave of soldiers trying to take over this dimension.

Bill Cipher also reveals that in the past, he had dealt with a Shaman around the time Quentin Trembley founded Gravity Falls. Though his plans fell through at the time, this does lock in a few key pieces of information – namely that every 25-30 years Bill Cipher gets another window of time to accomplish his plans, and since the crafty Nathaniel Northwest was also driven mad like Fiddleford McGucket that means Bill Cipher was also involved in the event at the Mystery Shack 30 years ago.

So if Bill Cipher wants power – enough power to outclass his superiors – his best bet in this dimension is to possess the body of Time Baby and fight back against the impending army of higher ranking beings from Bill Cipher’s dimension!

However, these are just my theories. If you agree or disagree, let me know in the comments below!

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