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Posted on: December 27, 2015

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Bill Cipher’s Powers (GRAVITY FALLS) [REDDIT AMA] Deciphering Cipher

Decipher 1 COVER

In this first episode of Deciphering Cipher, I investigate the mysterious and enigmatic powers of Bill Cipher!

Welcome to Deciphering Cipher, the miniseries dedicated to investigating the secrets of Bill Cipher’s 2015 Reddit AMA. This candid open interview held by bill himself at midnight PST April 1st, gave us a whole new insight into the three sided snappy dresser.

This episode focuses on Bill Cipher’s powers. We already know that Bill has the ability to travel within the Mindscape or the Dreamscape – infiltrating the minds of the unconscious. Therein, Bill Cipher has displayed unlimited object summoning, energy manipulation, levitation, and body possession.

Thanks to the Reddit AMA, we now know that Bill Cipher also has something I like to call Probability Vision – the ability to see multiple different futures based on every possible choice ever made. It must be maddening to process that level of information, and as such Bill Cipher indulges his insanity.

We also learn from the Reddit AMA that Bill Cipher has the ability to see from any image of himself within the “mortal dimension”. These camera-like images allow Bill to spy on those he needs to in the same way Gideon Gleeful used his Gideon Pins to spy on the people of Gravity Falls!

But these are just my theories on Bill Cipher! Agree? Disagree? Sound off in the comments below and let the society know!

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