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Posted on: December 27, 2015

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Mailbox Discovered Gravity Cover

In this episode of The Mailbox I explain how I make videos to Liam Khan, talk about my voice to Laura from Germany, and reveal how I first discovered Gravity Falls to PurpleTurtles Unmasked!

In this episode of The Mailbox, I begin with answering a question sent in by Liam Khan who wanted to know how I started and how I make my YouTube videos. I, in turn, tell him. I use a Canon 60D, a Polson Lavalier Mic connected to a Zoom H1 audio recorder, and I edit everything in Final Cut Pro! (Links above!)

Laura from Germany asks if I’m putting on a character or if I always talk like this. TLDR: I always talk this way – but I sound far less outlandish nowadays. When I first launched the Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel I did hide behind a character. I over-presented my script and hammed it up. Currently I feel that “character” has melted away. I’m far more confident in front of the camera now, and I think my voice reflects that!

And PurpleTurtles Unmasked asked how I learned about Gravity Falls in the first place. It turns out that I didn’t know about Gravity Falls until after the premiere of it’s 6th episode, Dipper Vs. Manliness! I quickly caught up however and the rest is history!

Be sure to keep asking me questions, and sending me cool stuff to share on the show! Also, thanks for watching! Hey, it’s Doug again. Thanks for reading this About section. I super appreciate it, and your diligence not only shows that you like my videos – but that you have keen detective skills and let no clue slip past you!

Here’s a link for a free Challenge Badge for registered members of the Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel! It’s limited though – and only the first 50 members to discover this and click the link will get it!

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