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Mailbox 12 Cover

In this episode of The Mailbox I explain to Frosty Pines why having Bill Cipher secretly inside Dipper Pines head would be a terrible choice, and I answer only 8 of Sandy The Intern’s questions!

In this episode of The Mailbox, I take a look at a theory by Frosty Pines – who posits that Bill Cipher secretly snuck into Dipper Pines’ brain in Northwest Mansion Mystery when he was turned into wood, and was vulnerable. For me, the idea that Bill Cipher could be secretly in Dipper Pines’ mind sounds really cool – but creates problems for storytelling. In addition to poor motivation for Bill Cipher to hide out in Dipper’s mind, having Dipper not be in control over his mind when dealing with the heavy and extremely personal events of Not What He Seems gives him a “get out of jail free” card. For Dipper to mature and grow as a person, he needs to be in his right mind!

I also share Frosty Pine’s Bill Cipher Poster! be sure to download your copy by following the link above!

I also answer a huge chunk of questions asked by Sandy the Intern. Sandy the Intern is now trapped in a Welcome To Night Vale like mirror universe and has been replaced by a clone that’s slightly better than her at everything she used to do well. No one has noticed the switch, and we welcome this new, slightly better, Sandy The Intern.

Do you have questions for The Mailbox? Then don’t just sit there! Write them down on a piece of paper, or on a drawing – or even a postcard – and mail them into the address above!

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