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Mailbox 13 Cover

In this episode of The Mailbox I talk about Kyle Cwik’s theory about Stanford Pines in Bill’s Dreamscaperers flashback, delve into Dario’s concept of Stanley Pines being a “good guy”, and explain to Liam Khan how to be a proper Paranormal Investigator!

In this episode of The Mailbox, I examine a theory made by Kyle Cwik, who wanted to know if the Stan we see reflected within Bill Cipher’s triangle in Dreamscaperers is Stanford Pines or Stanley Pines. Though I originally thought this to be Stanley Pines (the man we know as Grunkle Stan) fighting against Bill Cipher, I’ve come to realize that because of Gideon Gleeful’s demand (the code from Stanford Pines’ mind) that the Stan we see is the REAL Stanford Pines!

Liam Khan asks if I have have ever hunted for any mythical creatures – and the answer, is a resounding yes! I’ve searched for the Loch Ness Monster when in Scotland, and I’ve scoured the forests of Maine and upstate New York looking for Bigfoot! But the best times I’ve had conducting paranormal research, are when I focus on finding stories instead of creatures!

Hunting for the Paranormal means listening to other people’s experiences without judgement. It means taking down detailed notes on every detail they have to share. Getting intimate details of their encounter – from the time and location to a description of what they saw!

And finally I answer Dario’s question about whether or not Grunkle Stan is a Good Guy and the Author of the Journals is a Bad Guy. Personally I think that Stanley Pines is a rake. He has many bad qualities that make him far more interesting than being just a Good Guy or a Bad Guy. Stanley Pines may be a thief, but he loves his family!

Do you have questions for The Mailbox? Then don’t just sit there! Write them down on a piece of paper, or on a drawing – or even a postcard – and mail them into the address above!

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