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NOT WHAT HE SEEMS [Gravity Falls] ROotHM Recap


In this ROotHM Recap, I quickly recap the entire Gravity Falls episode Not What He Seems in just over three minutes!

The story of Not What He Seems reveals what happened in the final moments of the portal machine’s countdown, and Grunkle Stan’s secret past. A past that finally starts to catch up with him with grave consequences. When the Agency arrests Grunkle Stan for theft of dangerous Government Waste, conspiracy, and possession of illegal weapons, it’s up to Dipper and Mabel to clear his name. They narrowly escape from the Agents themselves only to discover that Stan has lied to them about the theft… and so much more.

Not What He Seems brings up the question of how the Agency knows Stan is harboring a Doomsday Device. The don’t seem to know what it is, where it is, or even what it does – but they fear it enough to use a lot of force to arrest Stan and get some answers.

Not What He Seems also gives us a window into Stan Pines past life. Though not specifically said, it’s left for the audience to infer that Stan escaped the Colombian Prison and drifted from town to town taking on various names and scams along the way. Eventually he ended up in Gravity Falls just in time to lose his brother to the portal, and with no other options, he faked his own death and assumed his twin brother’s identity!

Now that we know the Author of the Journals is Stan’s twin brother, it only opens up deeper mysteries! But these are just my theories! Leave YOUR theories and suggestions for the future of Gravity Falls in the comments below!

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