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Steven Universe Theme Song “WE ARE THE CRYSTAL GEMS” Ukulele Tutorial (Rebecca Sugar)

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In this video I perform Rebecca Sugar’s theme for Steven Universe, “We Are The Crystal Gems” – and teach you how to play it too!


If you’re evil and you’re on the rise,

you can count on the four of us taking you down.

‘Cause we’re good and evil never beats us,

we’ll win the fight and then go out for pizzas!

We are the Crystal Gems!

We’ll always save the day!

And if you think we can’t, we’ll always find a way!

That’s why the people of this world believe in

Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl – AND STEVEN!


In this video I’ve created a short tutorial to teach you how to play Rebecca Sugar’s theme song to Steven Universe “We Are The Crystal Gems” on the ukulele. This ukulele song is comprised of four chords in order F, A, Bb, and Bbm.

The full song was originally used in the pilot episode of Steven Universe, and was also performed and recorded by Rebecca Sugar herself in a video she uploaded to YouTube. The version of “We Are The Crystal Gems” I teach in this video is not in the same key Rebecca uses in her video – but it is in the same key the song is sung in the theme song of Steven Universe.

Would you like to see more ukulele tutorials? Would you like to see more breakdowns and analysis of Steven Universe episodes? Sound off in the comments below and let me know!

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