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The Real World References of Bill Cipher [Reddit AMA 2015] Deciphering Cipher

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In this episode of Deciphering Cipher, I investigate the numerous references to real world conspiracies, secrets, and ciphers made by Bill Cipher in his 2015 Reddit AMA!

Welcome to Deciphering Cipher, the mini series dedicated to investigating the secrets of Bill Cipher’s 2015 Reddit AMA. This candid open interview held by bill himself at midnight PST April 1st, gave us a whole new insight into the three sided snappy dresser.

In this episode I break down the the many real world secrets, ciphers, and conspiracies referenced by Bill in his snappy responses to those who asked him questions. I first begin with Question Mark and the Mysterians – one of the few parts of Pop Culture Bill Cipher likes. Question Mark and the Mysterians partially got their name from the 1957 Sci Fi film, The Mysterians!

Bill Cipher also tells us to beware The Blob, a reference to the 1958 film that featured a slime monster with only one weakness – cold temperatures. Could this also have been a reference to The Shapeshifter, or perhaps a reference to The Blob’s double feature – I Married A Monster From Outer Space – a clue that Grunke Stan may have married an alien?

Bill Cipher references The Beale Papers – a pamphlet published in 1885, which claimed to have 3 encoded messages that pointed the way to a massive treasure hidden in Virginia. It was most likely a hoax perpetrated by the book’s publisher James B Ward.

Bill Cipher makes several references to CIA conspiracies including the KRYPTOS statue created by Jim Sanborn, Project MK ULTRA, and Operation Northwoods – the latter two were plots designed in secret by the CIA against the citizens of the United States. MKULTRA lasted for a recorded stretch of around 20 years and countless citizens were used as test subjects for experiments ranging from new forms of torture to mind control! Operation Northwoods never made it past the planning stages, but centered around false flag attacks against US citizens made by the CIA to trick America into a war with Cuba!

The final reference I focus on was Bill Cipher’s reference to Eerie, Indiana’s theme song. Eerie Indiana was a NBC live action TV show that lasted from 1991 to 1993. This was followed by a second series called Eerie Indiana The Other Dimension. This could be Alex Hirsch’s way of letting the audience know that Gravity Falls may have a longer run than expected – or that the final season of Gravity Falls may take place in a different dimension!

These are just my theories. If you agree or disagree, let me know in the comments below!

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