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In this episode of The Mailbox I ponder about what I would do if I was Bill Cipher for a day, look into the real villain of Gravity Falls, and look into the possibility of Dipper’s character breakdown!

In this episode of The Mailbox, I answer LordOfDarkness’s question: What would I do if I was Bill Cipher for a day! If I was Bill Cipher, I would would firstly explore the Whitehouse for secret passageways and hidden chambers, then I would search the minds of powerful government officials looking for evidence of aliens!

I then look into Kim Storyborne’s theory that Soos could potentially be the primary villain of Gravity Falls! While there is a possibility that Soos may one day betray the Pines family (by possibly joining with his estranged father) – the odds point more in the favor of Soos dieing by the end of the season! Soos has bested his character flaws, and has become a guardian of the Pines twins – so a great way for them to have to mature VERY quickly is to take out Dipper and Mabel’s closest friend and protector – and force them to take care of themselves!

And finally I answer SmileDip’s question: When will I break down Dipper Pines’ character? While it’s clear that ALL of the characters will need to be reexamined in light of Gravity Falls’ second season, Dipper is at the top of my list – my only issue with tackling him right now is that Gravity Falls’ second season still has some HUGE character development in store for Dipper, and I want to be able to everything in a single digest rather than making another update a few more months down the road!

Again, thank you all so much for mailing me letters, sending me drawings, and asking me questions! I also thank you for your patience – I’ll be getting to more of your letters as the weeks go on, and I appreciate your patience, because I can only address 2 or 3 letters or questions per episode!

Keep those letters coming in, and I’ll keep sharing them!

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