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THE END OF THE SUMMER [Gravity Falls] The Mailbox

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In this episode of The Mailbox I answer The Deaf Prophet’s question: What will happen at the end of the summer in Gravity Falls!

In this episode of The Mailbox, I answer The Deaf Prophet’s question, “what do I think will happen at the end of the Summer in Gravity Falls?”

Since we know that Dipper and Mabel Pines are going to share a birthday on the last day of summer, we can safely assume that both will survive to see that day arrive, and since this will make them both 13 years old, it will also be their first steps officially out of literal childhood. Grunkle Stan will be giving the Mystery Shack back to his brother Stanford Pines, which means Wendy Corduroy and Soos will be out of a job. This is going to hit Soos hard, but I feel like the best and only way for him to mature is to leave Gravity Falls, move out of his Grandmother’s house, and move in with Melody who lives in Portland, OR. The fate of Waddles is still up in the air!

SaraSticthings sent an amazing letter that complimented my work – especially because it helps prove that older people enjoy and consume Gravity Falls as well. The best part about Gravity Falls is it’s adaptability. Because the show does not rely heavily on pop culture references, anyone can jump into the show regardless of their age or experience! It’s a show that almost begs to be watched by the whole family.

SaraStichings also included an amazing Bill Cipher plush doll that she made by hand. These fantastic dolls are available on her Etsy Page (you can find the link above) and are well designed as well as stitched! Keep an eye on her shop, she restocks quickly, but those Bills disappear fast!!

Again, thank you all so much for mailing me letters, sending me drawings, and asking me questions! I also thank you for your patience – I’ll be getting to more of your letters as the weeks go on, and I appreciate your patience, because I can only address 2 or 3 letters or questions per episode!

Keep those letters coming in, and I’ll keep sharing them!

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