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THE STANCHURIAN CANDIDATE [REACTION & ANALYSIS] (Gravity Falls) The Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel

Royal MEETING REACTION Stanchurian

In this video I react to seeing the fourteenth episode of Gravity Falls second season, The Stanchurian Candidate!

Seeing how this has become a more regular video series, I decided to once more sit in front of a camera as I watch the current episode of Gravity Falls – this time, it’s the fourteenth episode of Season 2, The Stanchurian Candidate!

Changing the format slightly, in this episode I start things off with my predictions for the episode – then revisit these predictions as part of my Snap Analysis! A split second analysis given as soon as The Stanchurian Candidate ends!

The Stanchurian Candidate follows a dejected and rejected Stanley Pines as he goes through his day. Grunkle Stan increasingly feels obsolete and forgotten by everyone – including his own family. That is, until he learns news of the death of Mayor Eustis Huckabone Befuddlefumpter. This sets Stan’s mind on running.

Later at the town hall bids for candidates are open to the public, and Bud Gleeful literally throws his hat in the ring. He almost runs unopposed until Stan also throws his hat in as well. This sparks a torrent of hats, and the mayoral race begins. After a terrible radio interview, Dipper and Mabel fear the worst. So much so, that Dipper consults Grunkle Ford. Ford gives him a mind control tie, in order to override Stan’s desire to speak his mind and to give him a chance to beat Bud Gleeful.

Their plan works amazingly, and Grunkle Stan starts leading the polls! This means bad news for Bud, who reaches out to his campaign manager – his son, Gideon Gleeful. Gideon wants to use the power of the mayorship to pardon himself out of prison, but if Bud loses he’ll lose his one and only chance at an early release. Gideon Gleeful takes matters into his own hands, and uses a possession spell to take over his father’s mind against his will.

Meanwhile, a cocksure Stan dismisses Dipper and Mabel, and in a fit of rage, Dipper reveals that the only reason he’s made it this far is because they have been manipulating him from behind the scenes. Grunkle Stan leaves in a huff feeling used and unreliable. Dipper and Mabel, desperate to beat Bud, mind control Soos and have him join the race.

The day of the final debate arrives and as the candidates answer questions, Stan’s poor choices make him less and less popular. Realizing what Dipper and Mabel are up to, Gideon ties them up and traps them in the half complete monument to Befuddlefumpter next to some fireworks.

Grunkle Stan however hears the cries of Dipper and Mabel and rushes to save them. His heroic act scores him the mayorship, but he is disqualified on a technicality. Since Tyler Cutebiker was the only one to submit paperwork, he is elected as Mayor by default. The Stanchurian Candidate ends with Gideon Gleeful revealing a summoning circle as he is finally ready to strike a deal with Bill Cipher!

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