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Posted on: January 4, 2016

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Dipper and Mabel Vs The Future (Gravity Falls) [LIVE REACTION] The Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel

Royal MEETING REACTION Versus The Future

In this video I react to seeing the seventeenth episode of Gravity Falls second season, Dipper and Mabel Vs. The Future!

Heads up! It’s time for my reaction to Gravity Falls Season 2 Episode 17, Dipper And Mabel Vs. The Future! Much like my previous blind reaction videos, I begin with a prediction, react to the episode, and then give you my Snap Analysis!

Dipper And Mabel Vs. The Future begins with Mabel reminding Dipper that there is just one week left until their thirteenth birthday. She quickly gets to planning a massive party, but Grunkle Stan shoots down their hopes of using The Mystery Shack as their location. He’s still upset at how much damage he had to clean up from the events of Scaryoke. Soos suggests that they instead use the vacant High School Gymnasium, which they all agree is a better idea.

Suddenly Grunkle Ford calls for Dipper and reveals that the Dimensional Rift containment is cracking, and they need to go on an important mission to repair it. Mabel takes point on party planning, and Dipper races off with Grunkle Ford to make the repair.

Mabel first heads to the Gravity Falls high school to secure the location, but discovers it’s registration day. She runs into Wendy Corduroy who warns her about how terrible high school can be. Mabel is shaken, but Soos lifts her spirits and suggests she focus on handing out invites.

Meanwhile, Grunkle Ford reveals to Dipper that there is a spaceship buried under Gravity Falls. He’s been raiding it for years for various tech, and has even used some of it to build the Portal. They need to raid it once more for some of its adhesive in order to seal the rift. During their search, Grunkle Ford asks Dipper if he will be his apprentice.

Mabel’s party planning does not go well. It turns out both Candy and Grenda will be away for the end of the summer, and will not be around for Mabel’s birthday or their eventual departure. The news hits her hard.

It turns out Dipper has triggered the space ship’s security system, and one of the drones captures Grunkle Ford. Dipper chases it down, and doesn’t give up. He uses his magnet gun and forces the pod to crash and release his grunkle. He even stands down the last remaining security drone, thereby dismantling it. The boost in confidence coupled with compassion for his Grunkle makes Dipper agree to be Grunkle Ford’s assistant.

However Mabel has heard everything over her walkie talkie. She feels abandoned during this scary and solitary moment in her life, and runs off to the woods to sort things out. It’s there that she runs into Blendin Blandin, who promises her a time bubble which will give her all the summer she wants in Gravity Falls. He just needs the Dimensional Rift. Due to an accidental bag swap, Mabel has the rift on hand. She gives it to Blendin Blandin, but it’s a trick. Bill Cipher was inside him all along. He smashes the rift and opens a door to the Nightmare Realm!

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