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FOTF COVER 5 Carla and Carla

This week’s Far Out Theory Friday analyses a theory sent in by Jaffre: “Is the Carla we see in Cash Wheel actually Carla McCorkle?”

Welcome to Far Out Theory Friday! This week I take a look at a theory sent in by Jaffre, who asks, “Is the Game Show model/presenter Carla from Cash Wheel actually Carla ‘Hot Pants’ McCorkle?”

The evidence that Jaffre presents is the visual similarities between the Carlas, the fact that Cash Wheel Carla seems made up to disguise her age of nearly seventy, and that the theoretical snub that she gave Grunkle Stan was due to his impersonation of Stanford Pines and her wanting to move on from the past.

Personally I disagree with this theory on the grounds that Gravity Falls depicts the elderly as caricatures of advanced age – right down to enlarged facial features and wrinkle lines. The far more plausible reason for Carla McCorkle’s similarity to Cash Wheel Carla is that Stan is a fan of the show, and watches it regularly. Most likely, he is misremembering how Carla McCorkle looks – filling in the gap in his memory with a beautiful and attractive Carla he sees frequently in a detached setting.

This however does not explain Bud Gleeful’s admission of love in The Hand That Rocks The Mabel. Is Cash Wheel Carla the “Carla” that Bud always loved, but never had the guts to say?

Leave your theories and suggestions in the comments below!

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