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Posted on: January 4, 2016

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FOTF COVER 3 The end of gravity falls

Far Out Theory Friday comes back for a special episode that tackles a highly requested topic: Is this really the end of Gravity Falls?

Welcome to Far Out Theory Friday! This week I shift gears to analize what we know and can predict about the end of Gravity Falls.

That’s the biggest question of the moment. Will there be a third season? The teased events from the trailer of Dipper and Mabel vs. The Future make it look like Alex Hirsch will be wrapping up all of the loose plot threads and completing his series well before anyone could have suspected. It is now the end of the summer, and with it comes Dipper and Mabel’s birthday, the end of their summer vacation, and probably the end of the world!

There is some merit to the series coming to an end ahead of planned schedule. Alex Hirsch is getting tired and wanderlusty, and in his recent Texas comic con apperance, he took a long time to thank Matt Chapman in a way that makes one assume that they will no longer be working closely in the future.

But what if this isn’t the end of Gravity Falls? Can the series continue past the end of the summer? How can things continue if they reveal the answers to so many of the show’s core mysteries?

What if Bill Cipher succeeds in his quest to open a rift to the Nightmare Realm, and unleash his army? What if Bill Cipher takes over the world? This would negate the end of Dipper and Mabel’s summer vacation. You can’t go back to school if the world has ended.

What if the spaceship under Gravity Falls lifts the town away from Earth and sends Bill Cipher in hot pursuit? This could buy them the time to form a plan to stop Bill Cipher. But if time is all they need – then the question is: Does time flow differently on the other side of the portal? If that is true, Grunkle Ford could pull the main cast into a parallel dimension where they could come up with a way to stop Bill Cipher and save the world!

I hope there’s a third season of Gravity Falls, but what do you think? Leave your theories and suggestions in the comments below!

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