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LET’S TALK ABOUT GRUNKLE STANS DEATH Gravity Falls Far Out Theory Friday

FOTF COVER 7 Stans Death

This week’s Far Out Theory Friday analyses a theory of my own: “Is Grunkle Stan already dead?”

Welcome to Far Out Theory Friday! This week I take a look at one of my own theories, the possibility that Stanley Pines has been dead the whole time!

For this theory to work, we must assume that the car accident that he saved a newspaper clipping from wasn’t staged to fake his death. Thanks to the clipping we know that the breaks were cut on the car. An odd piece of information, since we assume that Stan wasn’t in the car when it caught on fire. If Stan was the one who cut the breaks, then that means he tricked someone into driving the car so there’d be a body inside when the cops found it. A hard assumption to make about Grunkle Stan’s kindhearted character.

So odds are that Stan Pines was operating the sabotaged car to it’s fiery end. The problem with that is that it throws off Bill Cipher’s plans. He needed Stan Pines alive so he could open the portal once more and create an Inter-Dimensional Rift! So Bill Cipher struck a deal. He brought Stan Pines back to life with the aid of a hijacked Blendin Blandin, and in the bargain, he left Stan Pines blind to his actions!

This also helps explain why Grunkle Stan mirrors many of Bill Cipher’s lines, and why symbology of Bill Cipher follows in Stan Pines wake.

What do you think? Was Grunkle Stan dead all along? Did he strike a deal with Bill Cipher to come back from the dead, or does the cut brake line belie a darker past for Stan Pines? And if Grunkle Stan breaks his contract, will he die again? Leave your theories and suggestions in the comments below!

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