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FOTF COVER 6 Blendin Journals

This week’s Far Out Theory Friday analyses a theory sent in by Abby M.: “Could Blendin Blandin save the Journals from Bill Cipher?”

Welcome to Far Out Theory Friday! This week I take a look at a theory sent in by Abby M., who asks, “I was thinking about the journals being destroyed. Well, I thought that Blendin could go back in time and save the journals to defeat bill. I would like to have your thoughts on this.”

Although we don’t know when Blendin Blandin currently is, there is always the possibility that he might realize the answer to the Bill Cipher problem is hidden in the Journals. A quick time jump could un-destroy them, and give everyone the secrets of Bill Cipher’s one weakness!

However, the Journals in Gravity Falls have always worked better as a symbol than as a functional tomes of boundless answers to every mystery. For example, Mabel sees the Journals as both boring and as the singular reason she lost her brother to Gravity Falls. Dipper sees the Journals as a symbol of the truth – a truth that has been hidden from him his entire life. Grunkle Ford sees the journals a something to be proud about, but they also cause him great anxiety because he can’t let them fall into the wrong hands.

Bill Cipher destroyed the journals not because he thought they contained the secret to his downfall, and he needed them out of the way. Bill Cipher destroyed the Journals in front of Dipper’s face because he knew it would break his spirit. So much of Dipper’s confidence was wrapped up in the Journals, that losing both them and Grunkle Ford in one quick action was enough to render Dipper completely useless.

That said, Blendin Blandin could be anyplace at any time, and saving the Journals is completely within his power. What do you think? Leave your theories and suggestions in the comments below!

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