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Posted on: January 4, 2016

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NYCC 2015 Gravity Falls Revealed Panel [Alex Hirsch] (New York City Comic Con}

NYCC 2015 Comicon Cover

An archived video of the 2015 New York Comic Convention Gravity Falls Panel!

Though I’ve seen some others rip my video from Periscope and archive it to YouTube, here is the entire NYCC Gravity Falls panel that I broadcast from my cell phone. The panel was EXTREMELY limited access, and I was only able to squeeze into the back row of the first panel (which they did not clear out for the Gravity Falls panel). As such, many who queued for the panel – even moments after the NYCC doors opened at 10am – were not able to gain access.

I’m sharing this video on my YouTube channel to allow others some form of access to the entire panel for the express use of journalistic investigation and educative reasons.

Due to the limits of my cellphone’s camera, and periscope’s limited tools, the footage is raw, shaky, and unedited. I do my best to repeat important news and text too small for the camera to pick up – but the audio is mostly clear. I have also done some extra work to clean and highlight this audio for the sake of new viewers.

The most interesting parts of this panel include Alex Hirsch sharing several pages from the upcoming printed release of Journal #3 (highlighting both The Lepricorn and the Gnomes), and a clip from Dipper and Mabel Vs. The Future!

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