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Posted on: January 4, 2016

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ROADSIDE ATTRACTION [Gravity Falls s2e16] (Live Reaction) The Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel

Royal MEETING REACTION Roadside Attraction

In this video I react to seeing the sixteenth episode of Gravity Falls second season, Roadside Attraction!

Look out! It’s my reaction to Gravity Falls Season 2 Episode 16, Roadside Attraction! Much like my previous blind reaction videos, I begin with a prediction, react to the episode, and then give you my Snap Analysis!

Roadside Attraction begins with Grunkle Stan outfitting an RV for a short trip to the various roadside attractions in Oregon. His goal is to “prank” them by sabotaging them to make the Mystery Shack the only game in town. So Soos, Dipper, Candy, Grenda, and Mabel pile into the RV to lend a hand. As they pack things up, Mabel reveals Dipper’s secret box full of pictures and notes for Wendy. He gets rightfully teased, but the open road promises a chance to move on.

After striking out at the Largest Ball Of Yarn, Dipper gets some advice from Grunkle Stan. He talks up confidence and comedy, and lets Dipper know that he can and should play the field. So Dipper gives it a chance at Upside Down Town, and it works! He scores an email and a boost in confidence. That confidence boost catches the eye of Candy.

As they hit other attractions, Dipper keeps flirting with more girls and getting more numbers. Eventually, the group hits the final location Mystery Mountain. Stan is worried, because it’s massive site affords more attractions than the Mystery Shack. Candy also makes a move, and secures a date with Dipper for a walk up Mystery Mountain. Cornered, Dipper agrees.

On the site, Dipper freaks out and Grunkle Stan calms his nerves. He suggests he go on the date with Candy, while chatting up the ticket taker, Darlene. They leave for a walk, and Dipper steels himself for his date. Dipper’s date does not go as planned as all of the girls he’s hit on are there at the same time! As they let him have it, Stan discovers that Darlene is not what she seems.

Dipper discovers that Stan has been captured by Darlene, and gathers the group to save him. They try to escape by Sky Tram, but it’s slow speed makes them easy targets. Thankfully Candy knows the area, and pulls the release switch at just the right time – allowing them to safely escape and trapping Darlene.

As the group heads back home, they all make amends – only to discover that the heads of the other attractions have vandalized the Mystery Shack. Roadside Attraction ends with Soos still trapped in the Corn Maze.

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