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THE HANDYMAN KNOWS MORE THAN YOU THINK [Gravity Falls] Far Out Theory Friday

FOTF COVER 2 Handyman

Far Out Theory Friday returns! In this episode I examine a theory discovered in Rumble’s Revenge, “The Handyman Knows More Than You Think”, and the possible target of Bill Cipher’s possession!

Welcome to Far Out Theory Friday! This week I polish things up and add a bit more production value to this series. Last time I reached out to you to share some of your far out theories, and I was flooded with letters!

The first far out theory I investigate is from Rasmus Hartwich, who reexamines the famous clue given by Bill Cipher in Rumble’s Revenge: “The handyman knows more than you think”. The handyman we all know the best is Soos, but what if the clue was a play on words, and it literally means “handy man”. The character with the most hand is Grunkle Ford, so this clue may have been about him, but what if that’s still incorrect? In Blendin’s Game, we learn that Deputy Durlan was once the handyman of the Mystery Shack. What if Deputy Durlan knows more than we think?

And GreenFairyBubles posts her theory that Bill Cipher’s target for possession (after the events of The Last Mabelcorn) would be the final character we see flash in his eye: Bud Gleeful. There are several good reasons Bud might be a target. His mind is easy to possess, and Bud wants nothing more than to have an easy life with a perfect son – so he might be apt to strike a deal with Bill Cipher without much thought. Personally, I believe Bud is a bad choice because he can’t help much with the two tasks Bill Cipher is trying to accomplish. Better targets for Bill Cipher would be Tyler Cutebiker, Sheriff Blubs, and prisoner Ghosteyes! Wendy Corduroy also makes a great target because of her familiarity with the Pines Family!

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