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Welcome To Stars In Our Eyes [Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe Review and Celebration]

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Welcome to Stars In Our Eyes! A show celebrating, reviewing, and analyzing the hit Cartoon Network show, Steven Universe!


Welcome, Crying Breakfast Friends, to the very first episode of Stars In Our Eyes! The brand new show dedicated to analyzing, reviewing, theorizing, teaching, and celebrating the hit Cartoon Network show, Steven Universe!

Steven Universe follows the adventures of a young Steven Universe, the very first Gem/Human hybrid as he and his fellow Crystal Gems (Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst) learn about their history, learn how to work together as a team and a family, and defend the Earth from threats both terrestrial and extraterrestrial! Steven Universe is joined by his well meaning, but underachieving human father, Greg Universe, and his best friend Connie.

This episode of Stars In Our Eyes introduces Steven Universe to those who may not have seen the show, and better explains why this show is so important and timely. Rebecca Sugar’s Steven Universe is a progressive work of equality that seeks to tear down the gender walls that needlessly separate “boy’s stuff” from “girl’s stuff” and plays with the reason it was ever there in the first place. It also actively addresses and normalizes previously socially taboo topics like gender identity, sexual preference, and the complex structures of interpersonal relationships!

Before you watch the next episode of Stars In Our Eyes, be sure to watch the first episode of Steven Universe, Gem Glow. You can find links at the top of this About section!

Until next time, share, subscribe, and keep reaching for the stars!

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