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Posted on: January 4, 2016

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WHAT HAPPENED TO THE DINOSAURS? [Gravity Falls] Far Out Theory Friday

FOTF COVER 4 Dinosaurs

This week’s Far Out Theory Friday analyses a theory sent in by Molly T.: “What happened to the Dinosaurs?”

Welcome to Far Out Theory Friday! This week I take a look at a theory sent in by Molly T., who proposes that the dinosaur we see in The Time Traveler’s Pig is actually from a point in our immediate future instead of the distant past. She uses the amber preserved T Rex we see The Land Before Swine as proof that we may see a T Rex again at some point in the show’s future!

This could very well be possible. Just because we haven’t seen the dinosaurs again, doesn’t mean they no longer exist. Enough heat, and those preserved dinosaurs will be free once more to run amuck!

It also brings into question whether or not the ancient aliens interacted with the dinosaurs, or were perhaps the ones who preserved them in amber millions of years ago. The extraterrestrial skeletal structure is also very vaguely dinosaur shaped as well. Perhaps they had a more direct hand in the origins of the dinosaurs on Earth!

Personally I would like to see the dinosaurs once more used as a distraction or a weapon of some kind against Bill Cipher, his Nightmare Army, or Gideon Gleeful – but what do you think? Leave your theories and suggestions in the comments below!

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