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THE ANSWER [Steven Universe S2 E22 Blind Reaction and Analysis] Stars In Our Eyes

SIOE R1 The Answer COVER 2

In this video, I react and provide snap analysis of Steven Universe Season 2 Episode 22, The Answer!


Welcome, Crying Breakfast Friends, to this reaction video for Steven Universe Season Two Episode Twenty Two, The Answer! The way I conduct my reaction videos is different than others, each is comprised of three parts: A prediction of what I will see, my reaction to what I see, and a Snap Analysis – my unscripted analysis of the episode right on the heels of watching it!

In The Answer, Steven Universe is awoken by Garnet at midnight on his birthday. She had previously revealed that she planned to reveal that she was a fusion on Steven Universe’s birthday, but that was accidentally revealed in Jailbreak. So for Steven’s’ birthday, she tells the story of how Sapphire and Ruby first fused.

Over 5,000 years ago, rebel forces threatened the work of Blue Diamond and her aristocratic court of rare gems. These Crystal gems were such a threat, that Blue Diamond summoned Sapphire – a gem with precognitive abilities. She forsees a battle in which she is destroyed, and consigns herself to that fate – but in a fit of passion, Ruby saves her life and in doing so accidentally fuse into Garnet.

This is looked down upon by the court of Blue Diamond, and before Ruby is destroyed for her breach of conduct, Sapphire saves her life. On the run, the two continue to bond and find the power and strength and love they have together through Garnet. Eventually they are discovered by Rose Quartz and the Rogue Pearl, and are accepted into the small team of rebels – The Crystal Gems!

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